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StaedtlerStaedtler is an interesting company.  Wholly-owned by the non-profit Staedtler Foundation, whose aim is the promotion of scientific research at German polytechnics and universities, it also finances cultural projects such as the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.  Cool huh? 
Staedtler has been producing writing instruments in a plant in Nuremburg since 1835, and on a smaller scale since 1662.  Well-known in the UK for the Tradition and Noris series of pencils; Staedtler also produces such classics as Lumocolor pens; Lumograph pencils; the Mars series of technical drawing equipment and the ergonomic Triplus range.  Recently launched, the Staedtler Premium range brings Staedtler's designs to the luxury writing instrument market.

As a preferred Staedtler retailer, Cult Pens has the widest range of Staedtler items available in the UK. Staedtler UK

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Staedtler Premium
Staedtler Premium 25 Items
Made to honour Johann Sebastian Staedtler's pioneering spirit, this range of beautifully made pens and pencils brings a more luxurious touch to Staedtler's top quality precision manufacturing.
Staedtler Design Journey
Staedtler Design Journey 96 Items
A range of pens, pencils and erasers perfectly suited to your own personal Design Journey.
Staedtler Colouring
Staedtler Colouring 38 Items
Staedtler offer a huge range of top-quality colouring pens and pencils, so we've put them all here in one handy group.
Staedtler Technical Drawing
Staedtler Technical Drawing 43 Items
Some of the world's best technical drawing equipment, including the famous Mars Matic and a selection of drafting pencils, templates and other tools.
Staedtler Pigment Liners
Staedtler Pigment Liners 10 Items
A professional quality drawing pen, with black ink as well as assorted colours.
Staedtler Triplus Pens & Pencils
Staedtler Triplus Pens & Pencils 59 Items
Triangular barrels for comfort and good grip.
Staedtler Writing Pens & Markers
Staedtler Writing Pens & Markers 56 Items
Fineliners, markers, ballpoints and rollerballs - whatever Staedtler do, they do it well, right down to the amazing value Staedtler Stick.
Staedtler Pencils & Leads
Staedtler Pencils & Leads 70 Items
Noris. Tradition. Mars Lumograph. Staedtler have made many of the most loved pencils in the world, and are still innovating today. Wopex brings wooden pencils up to date, reducing the need to cut down trees.
Staedtler Highlighters
Staedtler Highlighters 11 Items
Highlighters that are easy to refill, pencil-style dry highlighters, and highlighters that are safe on inkjet print and fountain pen inks.
Staedtler Erasers & Sharpeners
Staedtler Erasers & Sharpeners 18 Items
The Mars Plastic is seen by many as the best eraser available anywhere. Staedtler also offer kneadable putty erasers, PVC erasers, black erasers, and pencil-style erasers with wooden bodies.
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