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Inkless Pens

Inkless pens are seen by many people as a new category, but it's really more of a comeback. In Roman times, the stylus used for marking clay tablets was often made of lead, and was also used to mark wood or papyrus, as the lead left a dark mark behind. Modern inkless pens are essentially the same idea, though the small lead-alloy tip is mounted on a body of other metals, making them rather stronger, and safer to use.

In use, they're like a very hard grade of pencil, writing a grey mark on paper, but without the tip wearing down perceptibly. Because the metal-alloy tip wears away so slowly, they should last for a lifetime of occasional use.

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Pininfarina Segno Cambiano Everlasting Pencil
Pininfarina Segno Cambiano Everlasting Pencil Beautifully-designed, concept car-inspired pencil
Only £110.00 inc VAT £91.67 ex VAT 9% off
Forever Primina Everlasting Pencil
Forever Primina Everlasting Pencil Designer everlasting pencil from Italy
Only £33.25 inc VAT £27.71 ex VAT £42.00 inc VAT £35.00 ex VAT Save £8.75 inc VAT £7.29 ex VAT 20% off
Forever Prima Perpetual Pencil
Forever Prima Perpetual Pencil Ink-free pen works just like a pencil, but lasts Forever!
Only £45.00 inc VAT £37.50 ex VAT £50.00 inc VAT £41.67 ex VAT Save £5.00 inc VAT £4.17 ex VAT 10% off
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