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Betty Black: Artist of the Month - June 2013

Every month we highlight the work of a different artist or illustrator through the title banner of our monthly newsletter - Penorama. If you don't already receive Penorama, you can subscribe here.

Until now, only subscribers to the newsletter got to enjoy these unique banners, but this blog series is changing that. In this issue, we speak with Betty Black, artist of the month and creator of our June banner below:

Penorama Banner - Betty Black


Here's how it appeared in the June newsletter:

Penorama Banner vol. 5

Cult Pens: Hi Betty, tell us a bit more about yourself?
I am an artist based in the UK and I’m particularly interested in drawing and writing my own comics.

Cult Pens: How would you describe your work?
I generally work in monochrome using traditional media and the themes that I seem to be most commonly drawn to tend to revolve around sex, death and food.

Cult Pens: What got you into drawing/illustration?
It chose me, I’m afraid I didn’t stand a chance.

Cult Pens: If you weren't a illustrator, what was the back-up plan?
I don’t know if I’d call part-time, bottom of the ladder retail work a plan... or any kind of back-up either!

Cult Pens: What are your favourite subjects/topics to draw?
I really love drawing women, particularly in scenes of a sexual nature, and I love drawing junk food for some reason too? I also love opulent, historical settings and kitsch themes like Halloween or Under the Sea. I would say that there is usually a strong narrative element to my work as well.

Cult Pens: Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?
Well it's not really a productive skill — however, I am an excellent daydreamer, so a lot of ideas come to me that way! But I love stories so am frequently inspired by things like excellent literature or terrible films.

Cult Pens: What are you currently working on?
At the moment I’m doing some commissions for an indie record label but this year I also want to finally get some of my own Illustration books and comics printed up so that I can start attending small press fairs and conventions in 2014.

Cult Pens: How long does it normally take to complete a project?
: It absolutely depends on the project.

Cult Pens: What are you top five pens or pencils?
: Pilot G-tec C4, Staedtler Mars micro mechanical pencil, Kuretake fudegokochi brush tip pen (unfortunately now discontinued), Staedtler pigment liner technical pens and the Tombow ABT Dual Brush pen.

Cult Pens: What pen or pencil couldn't you live without?
Betty: A Pilot G-Tec-C4

Cult Pens: Do you know when a work is finished or are you constantly tweaking?
Betty: I am a bit of a tweaker I suppose.

Cult Pens: What work are you most proud of?
I think that my ‘Fortune Lolly’ picture is my favourite in that sense - as it was very fiddly but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Fortune Lolly - Betty BlackCult Pens: What tips do you have for inspiring artists/illustrators?
Be as honest as possible in your work and develop at least one strong personal style. Daily meditation is also a good idea to keep those big ideas coming your way.

You can see more examples of Betty’s work below or by visiting her website (adult content).Dressed Lobster - Betty BlackIce Cream Robber - Betty Black

If you'd like to have your artwork featured in our newsletter, drop us a note to marketing@cultpens.com, with a link to some examples of your work.

30 May 2013


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