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Andrea Joseph: Artist of the Month - November 2013

Every month, we highlight the work of a different artist or illustrator through the title banner of our monthly newsletter - Penorama. If you don't already receive Penorama, you can subscribe here.

The artist of the month for November is Andrea Joseph, a 'professional doodler' who has designed a beautifully inky stationery doodle.

Here's the banner Andrea made for us in all its glory:

Penorama Banner - Andrea Joseph

Here's how it appeared in our newsletter:

Penorama Banner vol. 10

Cult Pens: Tell us a bit more about yourself.
My name is Andrea Joseph. I’m originally from South Wales, but now live and draw in the Peak District. I started drawing around seven years ago when I found some of the illustrated blogs online. I thought I’d give that a go and have never stopped drawing since.

Cult Pens: How would you describe your work?
After all these years I’ve still not come up with a way of succinctly describing my work. On my business card I’ve put ‘professional doodler’ so I guess that’s the closest I’ve come to making sense of what I do. I am a sketchbook artist. I prefer drawing in sketchbooks above all else. I see each book as a whole — I’m an album artist, if you like. The single is not really for me. I also make zines. Art zines. Zines about drawing.

The Life of a Zine Maker - Andrea Joseph

Cult Pens:
What got you into drawing/illustration?
Well, I think I’ve always been an illustrator, somewhere along the line I just forgot. As I said, when I saw some of the illustrated blogs some years back (Danny Gregory’s, Wagonized, An Open (Sketch)Book, to name a few) it just awakened that. I saw people having fun with drawing and I liked that. It struck a chord.

Cult Pens: If you weren't a illustrator, what was the back-up plan?
There wasn’t/isn’t one.

Cult Pens: What are your favourite subjects/topics to draw?
Andrea: That changes all the time. When I started I’d draw objects. Lot’s of objects and all the everyday stuff we see around us. I did that for a good few years as I honed my technical skills. These days I like a challenge. A couple of years ago I joined a sketchcrawl group (Sketchcrawl North; based in Sheffield but we draw all over the North) which got me drawing outdoors and tackling bigger subjects than I was used to — architecture and landscapes. I also started life drawing and joined a Dr Sketchy group which I now co-run (Dr Sketchy Sheffield) and that got me into drawing people — which I love. I have a sketchbook in my car dedicated to cars and roads (two subjects I’d have previously avoided at all costs) that I use to do quick 30 second drawings of wherever I park. I’ve also just started a sketchbook of dogs so, no doubt, I’ll be annoying friends with dogs by drawing their every move. I just draw anything and everything now. I love the challenge.

Cult Pens: Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?
Anywhere and everywhere.

Blue Bed - Andrea Joseph

Cult Pens: What are you currently working on?
I’ve been commissioned to draw some illustrated maps recently. Plus, I have a brand new book, about my work, that has been published by a French publishing house. In a couple of weeks I go to France to exhibit my sketchbooks and do some promotion and book signings for that.

Cult Pens: How long does it normally take to complete a project?
All depends on what the project is.

Cult Pens: What are your top 5 pens?
The illustrators favourite, the Uni Pin - I have about six different nib sizes from 0.05 to 0.8. The Pilot G-Tec C4 - I have it in blue, black and brown — I filled an entire Moleskine sketchbook with drawings made with the brown pen. One downside to it; it is not light fast and fades dramatically. New (ish) favourites of mine are the Artline Multipen. Again I have them in brown, blue and black. I use the 1.0 and 3.0 nibs. They’re very reasonably priced. I also have their Calligraphy pen which has 4.0 nib. I love them. A ballpoint pen and a fountain pen.

The Brown Box - Andrea Joseph

Cult Pens: What pen or pencil couldn't you live without?
Tough. These days I always use two pens; a fine liner and a thick nibbed pen. With that in mind I’d have to say some kind of fountain pen or italics/calligraphy pen because you can achieve thick and thin lines with one pen.

Rosies - Andrea Joseph

Cult Pens: Do you know when a work is finished or are you constantly tweaking?
I know. There are times when I overdo it (just take a look at this banner!!) but I still know. I know when it’s done and I know when I’ve overdone it.

Cult Pens: What work are you most proud of?
Over the past few years I’ve crated so much work it’s too hard to choose one piece. I’ve literally made thousands of drawings. I’m very proud of my travel themed sketchbook, as a whole. I drew all the souvenirs and bits of tat I love collecting from my life’s travels, and days, weeks, years of work have gone into it. So I’m very proud of that. But there’s a lot of one off drawings that I’m proud of.

Cult Pens: What tips do you have for aspiring artists/illustrators?
Draw. Just draw.

You can see more of Andrea's work below or alternatively visit her blog.

Black & Red - Andrea Joseph

Seen This Road - Andrea Joseph

Andrea Joseph

If you’d like to have your artwork featured on our newsletter drop a note to marketing@cultpens.com with a link to some examples of your work.

29 October 2013


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