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Diary of a writer

  • The Process of Publishing a Book

    The Process of Publishing a Book

    31 May 2013

    There are times in the life of every author when they begin to feel they're going stir crazy.It's usually at this time of year, and it's normally when the weather is looking unbearably good out, while the poor scribbler sits indoors and shivers in the ......Read More

  • Morris, Mayhem and Marketing

    Morris, Mayhem and Marketing

    24 May 2013

    This week has been rather lovely!It all kicked off with a wonderful Saturday, the first day in ages that has been warm and summery. And thank goodness for that, because I, and the rest of Tinner’s Morris, were dancing out with Winkleigh Morris.Morris more or ......Read More

  • The Wonders of Old Technology

    The Wonders of Old Technology

    22 May 2013

    Many years ago now, back in the early 1990s, I was sitting in the New Cavendish Club in London, enjoying drinks with some Crime Writers’ Association colleagues, when a loud voice could be heard. It was the larger-than-life author Laurence Block, a proud New Yorker, ......Read More

  • Keeping it Simple

    Keeping it Simple

    10 May 2013

    For a writer, to sit indoors and stare out when the weather is fine is a form of torture. The urge to nip out and get on with the gardening, or just to take the dog for a walk, is almost overwhelming when confronted by ......Read More

  • It's not all Champagne and Caviare

    It's not all Champagne and Caviare

    3 May 2013

    On Sunday, I finally finished the last proofs of the three books to be published in July. That was a relief. Two weeks to work on three novels is not a lot of time, but luckily, because the books were all published already, the number ......Read More

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