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Cult Pens Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost upon us and the restraint we've all shown by not breaking into our Easter eggs will soon be replaced with the sweet taste of chocolate and the remains of the once pristine wrapping lying on the floor. Or at least, that's how it will be here :)

While we wait for that day to arrive, what better way to pass the time than an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference...

Cult Pens Easter Egg Hunt

We have hidden 20 eggs for you to find, each with their own unique code throughout the Cult Pens site! Don't worry, they're 'hopefully' not too difficult to find, but it will be worth it, as we have some great prizes up for grabs!

What do we have to do?

We know what you are thinking - Do you have to find all 20 Easter eggs? Well, you may be pleased to hear that the answer is no, no you don't, but there's of course a grand prize for the first person who does! For our Easter Egg hunt we're only after 10 codes and the first 3 people who email us with 10 unique codes will win! Not to worry if you aren't quick enough, all correct entrants that didn't win will receive a 10% discount code to use on the Cult Pens site.

So, what are the prizes?

  • The first 3 entrants to supply 10 Easter Egg codes will win a £25 Cult Pens voucher & a Tombow Egg Pen!
  • The first entrant to supply all 20 Easter Egg codes will win a £25 Cult Pens voucher, Tombow Egg Pen & a Zebra Sharbo X Multifunction Pen worth £50!
  • Entries that are not in the top three will be put into a draw. One winner will be selected at random and will win a £15 Cult Pens voucher & a Tombow Egg Pen!
  • All entrants that supply 10 or more correct codes but did not win a main prize will receive a 10% discount code (Code will be sent out on the 3rd April 2013)


Spotted Egg

Where to Start?

Good question! All 20 eggs are hidden within the site, some are easier to find than others but seeing as we're nice people, we will give you a head start. Start your search on this page :)

Once you have found 10 or more different eggs and recorded their codes, email competition@cultpens.com with your name and most importantly, the codes you found. The hunt starts today and closes on the 2nd April at midnight. The winners will be contacted directly on the 3rd April as well as being announced in this blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. All entrants that are eligible for the 10% discount code will receive an email on the 3rd April containing the code.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Competition is now closed!

The Results

Thanks to everyone that took the time to take part in our Easter Egg hunt, we had an egg-cellent response! The hunt has now closed, and for those of you that searched and searched but weren't able to find all 20, the locations of all the hidden eggs are highlighted below by colour:

The Winners

Not long after posting the competition we did receive some pretty quick entries, but who were the three quickest people to find 10 codes and email them into us? Well, they are....

  • Judith Allen
  • Kyle Kirkpatrick
  • Jim Hobbs

And the lucky winner selected at random is:

  • Katie Luke

You all win a Tombow Egg Pen and gift voucher! Now onto the sharpest egg hunter of them all. Many of you found all 20 codes but the person who found them all before anyone else and wins a Zebra Sharbo X Multipen, Tombow Egg Pen and voucher, is.... (long pause for dramatic eggfect)

  • David Hopkins

Congratulations to you all! We will be in contact very soon about getting the prizes on their way to you. Sorry that you all can't be winners but for those that did not win, we will be sending out an email to you this afternoon with a 10% OFF discount code to use on our site. Please note that the code will only be valid until midnight on the 7th April 2013. Thanks again for entering and hope you had as much fun searching as we did hiding the eggs.

26 March 2013


  • Cult Pens 2 April 2013

    Hi Nisar, We have sent you an email, so you should have a response very soon. Thanks!

  • Adrian 2 April 2013

    Good Luck to all the Winners being announced tomorrow :) and fingers crossed I'm one of you too!

  • mohd abudl nisar 1 April 2013

    could you please have branch in QATAR, DUBAI, KUWAIT Please give us details SCHMIDT SAFETY CERAMIC ROLLER 888F" need 30 pcs best regards nisar

  • Allan 28 March 2013

    Think I just found the last one. All my lunch breaks gone, but it was fun!

  • Kate 27 March 2013

    Tuduum, tuuduuuuum... 20! That 20th was the trickiest and so so cleverly hidden :D Though I bet there are people who found it yesterday :<

  • Amanda Turner 26 March 2013

    spent over 9 hours looking for these eggs and finally found all 20 but unfortunately i probably wont be the first as it took so long!! 10% discount is ok though.

  • Jake 26 March 2013

    I can hear the mission impossible theme playing in my head while searching the site! :-) Quick got to find them all.

  • Allan 26 March 2013

    19 for me too....

  • Peter Finch 26 March 2013

    I really enjoyed trawling through your many pages, I’ve seen plenty of things I didn’t know I wanted till I found them. I’ve found ten codes and will seek out another 10 . Great fun.

  • Kate 26 March 2013

    Donna - 19 for me too! Shall we pool our resources and share the prize? (Unless we've found the same 19...)

  • Donna 26 March 2013

    I have spent just over 2 hours looking for the 20 Easter eggs and have only found 19. I've finally given up, as my eyes are tired. Good luck to those that find all 20.

  • Nikki 26 March 2013

    only found 7 - lunch break over :(

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