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The Inkiest Diamine Competition

Cult PensDiamine

Deep Dark Blue was our first attempt at creating a new ink, with (a lot of!) help from Diamine. We hoped people would like it. They loved it, and our initial limited production run soon had to be extended, with the ink becoming a permanent product. It was so successful that we decided to have another go. A few months later

Deep Dark Brown emerged on the inky scene. When that one went down rather well too, we started feeling a bit more confident. We are definitely not the only people who like their inks to be both deep and dark.

We decided to make another two special inks. So, Deep Dark Green and Deep Dark Red are now available!

Lurking in the depths of Diamine's Liverpool lair, lay a collection of unusually-shaped ink bottles, all empty. On closer inspection, when eight of the bottles were put together as a set they formed a circle. For those familiar with the game Trivial Pursuit, they rather resembled the game's playing pieces, affectionately known as pies or cheeses. They looked great empty, and we can just imagine how great they'd look filled with a selection of different Diamine inks, but sadly, there weren't enough of the bottles available to become a regular set for sale.

But, we thought, what if it was a very exclusive set? Only available as a prize in a special competition? That sounded good.

Diamine Custom Set


The Inkiest of Inky Competitions

There will be just two of these special sets available to win, and they'll be unique, because you'll choose the colours yourself. If you are the winner, you will tell us which eight of Diamine's range of over 100 colours you'd like in your set (including our Deep Dark inks), and Diamine will fill the bottles especially for you. One other winner will have a similar set, but yours will be a unique combination of colours. Well, unless both winners just happen to choose the exact same set of eight colours, but what are the chances of that? Our maths is a bit rusty, but we make it 1 in 278,818,865,325, so it's quite unlikely. We'll call it unique.




**This competition has now closed and the winners are announced in the comments section below**

How to Enter

Instead of setting a question or asking you to leave a comment, we've kept it simple. Anyone who buys a 30ml or 80ml bottle of Diamine or Cult Pens Deep Dark ink between the 29th October and 6th December 2013 will automatically be entered into the prize draw. You don't need to do anything else.

Once the entry period has closed, we will select two names at random as the winners and they will be announced on this blog post and on our Facebook and Twitter pages on the 9th December 2013. If we could enter this competition, we would :)

Good Luck!

29 October 2013


  • Stephen B 5 November 2013

    So, 105 colours to choose from... And 278,818,865,325 to one odds of both winners opting for the same? Shame, that means you can't have duplicates! (Presumably the odds of both winners choosing the same 8 are actually quite a bit lower as there is little chance of someone choosing all red shades or similar - most would go for a range of colours. What's that? This isn't Maths Corner Monthly? Oh, sorry!)

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