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Cult Pens Christmas Competition

Graf von Faber-Castell

The Graf von Faber-Castell collection has combined luxury products featuring jewellery-grade materials and details, with the simplicity and functionality that Faber-Castell have been known for over their long history. With over 250 years behind them, Faber-Castell show no signs of giving up on developing new writing instruments that are both beautiful and innovative, headed by the collection that bears the name of the company’s CEO, Count Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell.

With their extra weight and width, the pens in the Intuition Platino range have a more solid and chunky feel than most of the Graf von Faber-Castell collection, while maintaining many of the other standard features. The trumpet-shaped cap remains - a standard styling feature that echoes the style of Faber-Castell products from many decades ago. The clip is still internally sprung, to attach neatly and conveniently to your jacket; while the polished metal parts are plated with platinum for a perfect mirror-like finish. Intuition Platino Pernambuco

The pen we’re giving away here is the Intuition Platino Fountain Pen with Pernambuco barrel. The fountain pen has a beautiful rhodium-plated two-tone nib, made from 18-carat gold, which has been run in by hand at Graf von Faber-Castell’s workshop. The words “Handmade in Germany” are discreetly engraved on the back of the cap. The barrel itself is made from carefully worked pernambuco wood, in a finely-ribbed pattern. This wood is usually used for making the bows for many of the finest stringed instruments, like violins and cellos, which its hardness and durability make it specially suitable for. The same features make this a perfect wood for the barrel of a pen that will last a lifetime - probably several lifetimes! Intuition Platino Competition Prize For any fountain pen enthusiast, this is one of the finest pens made by one of the finest pen makers in the world. For anyone who likes the finer things in life, it’s one of the most luxurious and beautifully made pens around. Whether you value the feel of a pen in your hand, the beauty of a perfectly-made object, or you’re a lover of fountain pens who has never found a nib that’s quite good enough; this should be the pen for you. And this pen can be for you.

But you’re going to need to use a little creativity. This pen normally sells for £695, so you’ll have to work for your chance to win it. We want to know why you should win this pen. But we don’t want to hear the best or most convincing reason. We don’t want to hear people begging. We want you to tell us the most amusingly tenuous reason you should win this pen. For example:

  • Your childhood sweetheart was learning to play the cello at school, and you always remember the way she held the bow. That bow was made of the same pernambuco wood as this pen’s barrel, so it would always remind you of her.
  • Your dog can’t bark very well. He just makes a kind of squeaking noise. The tree that pernambuco wood comes from is also known for having a very flaky bark. Just like Fido.

We’re hoping you can come up with better ideas than those. The sillier the better, and the more tenuous the better, but there needs to be a connection there. We won’t be checking that any of your reasons are true, so feel free to lie to us - funny is better than true, but it will probably work best if it sounds feasible. The winner will be the person who posts the comment we judge to be the best. Post your reason in a comment below...

**This competition has now closed - thank you for all your entries**

There were so many worthy entries, deciding on a winner was difficult. In the end we whittled the entries down to just 3 finalists.

Our winner is Stephen Green with his amusing poem:

"Straining my brain for a tenuous link
Working all night with luminous ink,
Three in the morning’s the best time to think,
By five it seems certain we’re just on the brink
Of finding the answer and claiming the prize
But six o’clock comes and it’s matchsticks in eyes .
They’ll surely see through this thin veiled disguise,
A blatant attempt to hoodwink the wise.

So I pledge my support for the bow makers plea
Saving the forests of the Pernambuco tree
It’s bark may be flaky but musically
Fiddlers swear it’s not fiddle-de-dee

An ode to the pen makers craft and skill
A history dating from feather and quill
He shares their great passion, commitment and will
Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell

I swear there’s a story, I know I’ll find proof
That links Pernambuco with my misspent youth
A tale of great humour that raises the roof
But which at this late hour remains quite aloof

Tenuous linkage, my strenuous plight
Scratching away on this paper all night
It splutters and stutters this nib as I write
Bah humbug ! it’s broken — I’ll bid you Goodnight."

Congratulations Stephen, your new pen is on its way to you!

Our other two finalists, Jonathan and Tracy have each won themselves a Graf von Faber-Castell Notebook and Pencil, well done!

25 November 2013


  • John 29 November 2013

    When I was a child, my dad bought a real Christmas tree after Christmas was over, rather than burning it on a bonfire, we tried to plant it. amazingly it grew and 15 years later it was taller than the house, this sadly meant the it had to be cut down, after it had been cut down and sliced into logs the pattern on the cuts looked just like the pattern on this pen and that's why I should have it to remind my of my father who passed away some years ago and the Christmas tree he planted when I was young.

  • tracy polland 29 November 2013

    my dog ate my last pen (along with my homework) :-(

  • N barker 29 November 2013

    My great grandfather worked in a sausage factory in Hamburg. One day he was involved in a horrific accident whereby his left arm was caught in the machinery and severed. He was rushed to hospital and his life was saved. Some months later he was fitted with a prosthetic limb, so like this pen he also has a hand made in Germany.

  • Rebecca Harris 29 November 2013

    As a child I loved all kinds of stationary, I was keen on calligraphy and would be forever changing my style of handwriting, much to the annoyance of my teachers at school. As the years have gone on I have unfortunately stopped writing letters and hand written essays, sadly it is all keyboards and texting. I would love to be able to have something of both personal and quality value - as well as actually being useful - to pass down in my family in forthcoming generations as a symbol of how the art of hand writing should never be forgotten!

  • Seppuu 27 November 2013

    "A floating island, far up in the sky. A little boy sitting on a jetty, a mile of air under the feet. A little boy, fishing, dreaming, looking after a flock of purple winged dolphins scattering the light of the big, red evening sun." Sometimes you have a special item, with which you associate very specific memories. An image, a melody or maybe a situation. I want to sit on my desk in 30 years, looking at my old pencil which I got when I was young and smile at the memory, of that floating island, from back in the days.

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