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Pentel Slicci

Pentel Slicci box set

The Pentel Slicci is a great pen, but seems to have remained under the radar for most people - even many pen geeks have never tried one.

With a 0.7mm tip, it's a very nice capped gel roller - quick-drying, super-smooth, and with a tough needlepoint tip that makes it easier to see what you're doing. The 0.3mm tip is more of a rarity - super-fine, writing a 0.2mm line, but still remaining nice and smooth to write and draw with.

Both of these sizes are available in a good range of colours, not just the usual three or four, and they're now being joined by a set of 0.8mm metallic colours, and a set of 0.4mm-tipped pens, making gel pens fun again!

**Competition Time!**

We're giving you the chance to win one of five sets of Slicci pens - a nice Pentel presentation box containing 24 Slicci pens. If you win, you will receive:

  • Eight Pentel Slicci 04 Pens - one of every colour.
  • Eight Slicci 07 Pens - one of every colour.
  • Eight Slicci Metallic 08 Pens - one of every colour.

As we considered our options for how to give these pens away, a song came into somebody's head. Instead of doing the kind thing, and keeping it to themselves, they muttered the lyrics out loud, and infected us all, so we all had the song stuck in our heads.

Pentel Slicci 03

Hey Slicci, you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind,
Hey Slicci! Hey Slicci!

We could have been kind, and suffered alone. But we thought we'd infect you instead. The competition is your chance for revenge: Pen Songs.

Tell us your favourite song title or lyric, modified to be about pens. It can be a specific model of pen or pencil, a brand, or just pens or pencils in general. Bonus marks if you can help us get Toni Basil out of our heads.

**This competition has now closed. Thank you for all your entries.**

You can enter in several ways, but the easiest one while you're here is to comment on this post with your Pen Song. We'll also post the competition on Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow us and enter there if you prefer. You have until Friday the 21st of February - then we'll pick our five favourites to win the sets.

Pentel Gel Pens, including the Slicci range.

3 February 2014


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