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Fountain Pen Day 2016

Fountain Pen Day is a day to embrace, promote and share the use of fountain pens. It's on the first Friday each November, which makes it November the 4th this year. It's a good excuse to talk about fountain pens, either in person, or on social media (with the hashtag #fountainpenday).

This year, we have a fantastic selection of fountain pen offers, so if you're already a fan of fountain pens, it's a great chance to add to your collection. If you don't use fountain pens, we have some perfect starter pens if you want to give it a go!

We've teamed up with Cross to give any Cross fans the chance to win a Cross Townsend fountain pen worth £225!

You'll need to be on Facebook, and to have a Cross pen, because Cross want to see a photo of you with your favourite Cross pen, or of your Cross pen in use. For more, and to enter, see the Facebook post here!

Get a free pack of Kaweco ink cartridges with any Kaweco fountain pen!

Kaweco are probably best known for the Sport - the pen that's small in the pocket, but big in the hand. The tiny Liliput is a wonderful example of cutting things down to the very basics, with a fantastic choice of finishes and metals. They have many other quality pens, though, at a wide range of prices.

The Pilot MR is a relatively new pen, but quickly became a favourite among fountain pen fans around the world. It's simple, but with nice elegant styling, and Pilot nibs are always good. The Retro Pop models add bright retro-style colours and patterned rings to the more understated standard pens.

And now, we're adding a Clairefontaine notebook to the Retro Pop! The notebooks have some retro chic about them, too, and Clairefontaine's renowned fountain pen-friendly paper is even better when it's free.

Our own Cult Pens Mini fountain pen, made in conjunction with Kaweco, has been very well-received. There are two different finishes available now - black and grey - and you can get a pack of our own Deep Dark ink cartridges, made by Diamine, free when you buy one! (Well, we couldn't miss out on Fountain Pen Day ourselves, could we?)

Conklin is a historic American brand. They go back far enough to have been endorsed by Mark Twain, and still have models bearing his name. Along with some beautiful materials, some of their pens have unusual filling systems, with crescent and button fillers available alongside the more common cartridge/converter filling systems. And for ink to fill them with? Well, now you'll get a free 30ml bottle of Monteverde ink when you buy any Conklin fountain pen!

And anyone with a fountain pen needs ink. Diamine's shimmering inks, with particles of gold and silver, have been hugely popular since they arrived, and they're about to get better. They're adding another ten colour combinations, including some really beautiful ones.

And while the offer isn't limited to fountain pens, if you buy any Staedtler Premium Initium writing instrument, you can get an A5 leather Atoma notebook (normally £49.99) free!.

...and if none of those are quite what you're looking for, we have lots more fountain pens! We have most of the best-known brands, along with quite a few you may not have heard of before, like LOCLEN, Cleo Skribent, Schneider, and Karas Kustoms; and some of the best Japanese pens from brands like Pilot, Platinum and Sailor. Oh, speaking of Platinum, we do have just one more thing...

  • 10% off all Platinum! Along with their much-loved fountain pens, including the #3776 Century range, you can also get 10% off our usual prices on their mechanical pencils, inks, brush pens and multipens.

3 November 2016


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