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KUM, based in Erlangen, Germany, are the world's leading manufacturer of pencil sharpeners - since 1919.  KUM sharpeners are distinguished by the excellence of the blades, the build-quality of their products and the huge variety of sharpener styles. There's no such thing as too much choice at Cult Pens, so we've imported umpteen different KUM sharpeners for your delectation and this week we've added a selection of great new (and old) ideas from KUM.  If there's nothing here that appeals you probably need to hand in your Stationery-Lover's badge!

Globus 1010

Globus sharpeners are one of the original KUM products from when KUM first started as a company in 1919 and they haven't changed a great deal since.

Delightfully retro, the Globus 1010 desktop sharpener is a small metal globe hiding a pencil sharpener in its base. The base itself acts as a stand, allowing the Globus to sit proudly atop your desk, whilst the globe acts as a waste container for the pencil shavings and can be emptied by pulling the sharpening unit from the bottom of the globe.


A handy 4-in-1 pencil sharpener perfect for sharpening pencils in most standard widths. With holes for 7, 8, 10 and 11mm pencils you'll never need separate sharpeners again. A flip top covers each end of the sharpener ensuring pencil shavings are kept inside the waste container preventing any mess.

SoftieFlex Ruler

A super-flexible transparent ruler that grips paper well thanks to the anti-slide strip which runs the length of the ruler. It can be bent, folded, twisted and otherwise contorted in any number of ways yet will soon return to its original state - the perfect ruler for a busy pencil case!

SoftieFlex Triangle

Super-flexible transparent set square. Internal protractor can be used in conjunction with the angle markings on the short edges. Like its ruler counterpart, this set square can be bent, folded, twisted and otherwise contorted in any number of ways yet will soon return to its original state.


Dual purpose tool featuring a pencil sharpener within an eraser. Pencil sharpener takes only standard width pencils in all the usual shapes. Removeable lid keeps pencil shavings contained whilst sharpening, and avoids lead dust getting the eraser dirty.

Click Clack Sharpener and Click Clack Lefty

A useful flip-top pencil sharpener with separate holes for sharpening both standard width and jumbo pencils, and waste container to reduce mess. Sharpener blades are replaceable, and the blade alignment on the Lefty is reversed for easy left-handed usage.

Ruler File

Never lose a ruler again with this classic 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that?' idea.  A ruler with holes to fit standard ring binders.  Simples.

GeoFile Triangle Protractor

Another file-able drawing instrument - this one is a set square with internal protractor.

Super Geo Stop & Go Set Square

Another set square to add to the collection! This one has the internal protractor like the others mentioned above, but also features finger pads so that you can hold it in place on your page, avoiding questionnable angles.

Win a set of new KUM products!

We have 6 sets containing one of each new KUM product listed in this post to give away. All you have to do is post a comment below with an acronym for KUM.

Competition closes on Sunday 13th July. We'll select the best 6 entries, and notify the winners on 14th July before announcing the winning entries here, and on our Facebook page. 

*Update: This competition has now closed.*

Thank you to everyone who entered, we had a lot of great acronyms to choose from. After deliberation at Cult Pens HQ, the winning entries are:

  1. "Kleine und Magie (Translates to Small and Magic)" from Simon
  2. "Kangaroo-proof utensils of measurement" from Peter
  3. "Keep Using Me" from Paul
  4. "Klass Über Machine" from Ivan
  5. "Kindly Utilise Mine!" from Robin
  6. "Kooky Utility Machines" from Samuel


13 June 2014


  • Anna S 8 July 2014

    Kome Us Me

  • Simon C 3 July 2014

    Kleine und Magie Translates to Small and Magic

  • Yang L 3 July 2014

    Kompact Utility Machines

  • Samuel B 3 July 2014

    Kooky Utility Machines

  • wayne e 3 July 2014

    Keeps us mobile

  • Vladan M 2 July 2014

    KUM means: KUM Utterly Magnificent

  • TC D 2 July 2014

    Blast you, Paul A, you beat me to it. Now I need to go away and think again! TC

  • Nadia B 2 July 2014

    Knuckle-loving Untamed Machines

  • Peter C 2 July 2014

    Kangaroo-proof utensils of measurement.

  • Bethany A 2 July 2014

    Key utility magic

  • Jan B 1 July 2014

    Kreatively Unique Measurements

  • Paul A 1 July 2014

    Keep Using Me

  • Juliet R 1 July 2014

    Knockout Ultimate Magic

  • Carolyne P 26 June 2014

    Know Ur Machines :)

  • Ivan V 25 June 2014

    Klass Über Machine

  • bonnie jean w 25 June 2014

    Kingdom Under Measure

  • Robin B 24 June 2014

    Kindly Utilise Mine!

  • janine a 13 June 2014

    Key to unrivaled magnificence

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