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mt tape

What is mt tape?

A cult decorative masking tape, made of Japanese 'washi' paper, with an acrylic-based low-tack adhesive, available in various widths and hundreds of designs. Washi paper is very thin and flexible, while remaining quite strong, which means a small amount of adhesive can hold it well. The flexibility means it can cling closely to the shape of whatever you apply it to, so it stays put for as long as you want it to, but can still be removed easily later. It's incredibly versatile stuff with almost unlimited uses - we'll come to some of those soon, but first...

How did it come to be?

Kamoi Kakoshi was a manufacturer of industrial tape, including top-quality masking tapes. In 2006, three women with backgrounds in art and design asked if they could visit the factory, because they were using the tape for crafting purposes, colouring and patterning the versatile tape, and using it in ways the manufacturer had never even thought of.

The company agreed, and were fascinated by a book the women brought with them, showing all their uses for the tape. They said that Kamoi Kakoshi should make the same tape in a range of colours, to make crafting with it easier. For a company that only made plain tape for professional use, it was a completely new idea, but they saw the potential in the book of designs, and started work. A completely new type of product was born - high-quality repositionable masking tape for decorative and crafting purposes - mt masking tape.

"It was filled with fantastically designed features, transforming our concept that masking tape is a typical product only for an industrial use."

The newly-created mt brand moved on from plain colours to include a wide variety of patterns and designs from around the world. Now mt tape is becoming hugely popular in the crafting world, and is made in over 100 different colours and designs

What's special about it?

Beyond the incredible array of designs, mt tape can be torn easily by hand, or cut neatly with knife or scissors, written on, layered, and is easily removed and reused. As an added bonus, it's food-safe due to its non-toxic materials, making it safe for children to use, and it's even heat and water resistant.

What do you do with it?

A highly versatile product, mt tape can be used to decorate, embellish, and personalise everything from notebooks to entire rooms! Be warned, it is quite addictive once you start.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Decorate candles, jars, and vases, turning an old jar or can into an elegant vase - or a pen pot for some of the pens you've bought from your favourite pen shop!
  • Customise your phone, laptop and accessories - cover them in various patterns, all in one, or just add a few stripes of colour.
  • Add some pattern to the edge of your computer's screen - it's got to look better than the manufacturer's logo and model number!
  • Cover up the logos and megapixel numbers on your expensive camera gear, making it look cheap and less tempting to steal.
  • Decorate tables, chairs, wardrobes - your old furniture will soon look new again!
  • Use it to hold coiled-up cables together, so they stay neat and tidy - and tape cables to the bottom or back of your desk so they aren't hanging in the way.
  • Make gifts, and package them in personalised paper.
  • Add a grip to your favourite pen.
  • Tape over TV shows you don't like. Literally.
  • Throw an mt party with invitations, place names, cutlery, and cake decorations.
  • Label your lunchbox!
  • Trying to work on something in a dark corner - fixing a car, or doing DIY? Stick a torch in place so you can see what you're doing.
  • Jazz up your nails with an mt manicure or pedicure.
  • Mark out a hopscotch grid on an indoor floor. No, really. We've tried it, and it works!
  • Cover up brand logos on all your food, so you can pretend you're making a BBC cookery show every evening.
  • Make dull things bright and colourful. Or, if you're a dull person, make bright and colourful things dull.
  • Tape food packets closed to keep them better sealed. They'll still be easy to peel open again for use.
  • Build a race course on the floor, or create a picture on the wall in the play room.
  • Make rough or uncomfortable handles more pleasant to hold.

There are loads more projects to try, and we've posted some of our attempts below. For more ideas, try these sites:

"Small tape creates large happiness"


This competition is now closed. The winners were: Lisa B, Claudia F, Rachel H, Francina H, Katie D and Jo G. You can read their winning entries in the comments below.

To celebrate the launch of mt tape, we have some fantastic prizes to give away! Each prize will include:

  • 'How to Have Fun with mt Masking Tape' book, with 3 rolls of mt tape - an exclusive set that isn't normally available to buy!
  • An mt suite set - five rolls of tape in different widths, in complementary colours and patterns.
  • An mt tape cutter for neatly cutting standard-sized rolls of mt tape.

To win one of these sets, all you have to do is tell us what you would do with mt tape. We've shown you some of our ideas, but what would you do? You can post your answer below, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter. We'll select our favourite entries and notify the winners on 1st October before updating this post.

If you've had some ideas now, why not check out the complete selection of mt tape we have available, and get started?

3 July 2014


  • Elena V 29 September 2014

    I am in love with washi since 2010. I use it in everything including my architectural portfolio, my business cards, my Filofax, all my handmade jewellery is neatly packed in small craft boxes decorated with it. This time I might use it to make some small flags to decorate the cupcakes for Halloween and taped place cards on craft paper table runner is also a good application!

  • Jayne K 26 September 2014

    I might try using the MT tape to add a bit of pizzazz to my fridge/freezer. It should be able to bend easily round the curves on the doors.

  • Mandy Y 23 August 2014

    I'd use it on almost everything to make them more beautiful and exciting! Artwork, folders, jar decor – anything I can get my hands haha

  • Lisa B 11 August 2014

    I would use my mt tape to create fun and colourful decorations for our wedding next year ^_^/ I would also use the mt tape to add colour to my dull desk, I work in a super colourful office but my desk is very boring :-(

  • Amanda W 2 August 2014

    I would use the tape to decorate my kitchen containers when I move house. It'd be a nice way to liven up otherwise boring tupperware!

  • Teri L 1 August 2014

    I love to cover my spiral notebook covers wit MT tape. It changes a generic, boring notebook into something that is uniquely ME! It makes me smile when I look at it, as well as making it stand out from the crowd at work.

  • Rachel K 31 July 2014

    I'd use the tape in my ridiculously thin crochet hooks to create a wider grip that looks cool too.

  • Claudia F 31 July 2014

    I'm moving house soon and have been shopping around for furniture and random bits for my new place. Found a couple of old, but functioning plain white table lamps in a charity shop. A bit of acrylic paint on the base and some colourful tape on the shade will make them look amazing!

  • Rachel H 31 July 2014

    Looks so fun: 1. I have just got a beautiful new summer house. I was looking for something with which we could jolly the place up so it didn't just look like a shed - along comes washi tape - perfect 2. I run a lot of training events for which I use a 'sticky wall' which I always attach with masking tape. It often looks a bit utilitarian and whilst the rest of the content is fun and every part is thought about masking tape doesn't quite cut it. Washi tape will add a certain something and if, for example, I am training on equality issues I might use the rainbow or Adam and Eve tape as a training point. Subliminal messages can be so strong!

  • Linnie R 31 July 2014

    I'd use it to do a quick and easy kitchen makeover. Can you imagine cheering up cupboard doors with cool zigzag patterns and shelves with pretty geometric edging? And I'd go completely crazy on my boring old white fridge.

  • Susan R 31 July 2014

    I love love love masking tape and am so excited that you are selling it. I use for my scrapbooking pages. Have a look here :o) http://miniowner.blogspot.co.uk/p/here-we-go-bradettes-with-my-tutorial.html Sue x

  • Francina H 31 July 2014

    Quite a few stray cats hang about on our street - and as a cat lover, I've been known to make impromptu cat "houses" for them - mostly from recycling materials like our veg box delivery boxes! As you can imagine, cardboard boxes look a bit dull and wouldn't it be fabulous to use these mt tapes to decorate them - and using the variety of patterns to suit the cat's personality to boot?!

  • Katie D 31 July 2014

    I'm currently turning our spare room into a craft room, but as it's a rented property I can do any real decorating, so these tapes would be a lovely way of adding some colour and decoration to the room.

  • Karen A 30 July 2014

    Wow, I want to cover All The Things in this tape! I think I'd have a go at the manicure, it looks fun.

  • Jo G 30 July 2014

    I'd use mt tape to create a trompe l'oeil seaside scene on my bedroom wall, so I can pretend I'm at the seaside when I'm working from home.

  • Candy J 30 July 2014

    I'll be moving into a rented flat soon, it'd be nice to personalise the place a bit with these pretty tapes. The fact that they are removable means I won't be upsetting the landlord!

  • Dymphna L 30 July 2014

    I would use MT tape for decorating my filofax, scrapbooks and journals. It would add so much colour. Dymphna L

  • ambika w 30 July 2014

    I would use it in my journal and another project titled use first.

  • Karla J 30 July 2014

    So happy to hear you'll be doing washi tape! I use it, primarily, to decorate my filofax. I run a needlework shop and I love decorating my diary pages to make them more interesting! Karla The Patchwork Rabbit

  • Paula P 14 July 2014

    I'd use my mt tape for decorating hand made cards principally, I have also seen demonstrations of it being used to tape dies in place when needing exact placement for die-cutting a stamped image & that's something I'd love to have a go at. Paula (PEP)

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