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Back to School with STABILO

A Big Birthday Thank you

Back to school won't be quite the same this year, will it? It sort of felt like school didn't really end as it usually does (you know - class picnics, kids' attention spans getting ever shorter, teachers looking a little haggard…) It just sort of fizzled out. And there's been a fair bit of confusion over returning and what that will be like. But one thing that is reliable is the stationery range from STABILO. Whatever it is you need - a pencil, a sharpener, a pen - they've got it, and they'll probably be able to supply it in a left-handed version as well, if that's what you need. Yes - even a sharpener!

Stabilo Easy

It may be that, come September, everything will be back to normal. But there's a good chance that social distancing will still be in place, with steps being taken to minimise personal contact as much as possible. Along with headlice, children often share their pens and pencils. And their sandwiches. We can't do much about the lice or the lunch, but we can help prevent stationery-sharing by highlighting STABILO's great range of school stuff, which makes it easy to collate a child's own set of pens and pencils. How easy? Exceptionally easy. And that's thanks to their EASY Start range.

Stabilo Easy

It caters for pretty much all you might need in the way of writing instruments. There are graphite pencils and mechanical pencils; there are coloured pencils (because no school pencil case is complete without coloured pencils!); there are rollerball pens and there are fountain pens. All the products in the range are ergonomically-designed, to encourage the correct grip, or ensure a comfortable writing experience, or to cater for both left-handers and right-handers. Those pens and pencils aimed at kids just starting out on learning to write also have a space to put their name, which means that little Bernard can't swipe little Horace's pencil and swear it's his.

Stabilo Easy

The EASYgraph pencil is a chunk of a thing, with a fat barrel with either left- or right-handed indentations to help newbies get to grips with forming their first letters. The EASYgraph S is almost the same, only a little slimmer, for progressing to the next stage. Once they've earnt their pen licence, there's the EASYoriginal, which looks like it might have been left out in the sun and melted, because it's a bit bent, but there's a reason for this. The chunky grip area has either left- or right-handed indentations and the barrel then narrows and swoops backwards so that it sits, nicely balanced, in the area between the thumb and forefinger. What's more, the ink is washable. And if a fountain pen is what's needed, there's the EASYbuddy for the older kids, with an iridium-tipped, rounded nib suited to all writing angles.

Sometimes, when uncertainty reigns and planning is challenging, it's a bit of a boost to be able to do something, even if it's just equipping a child with a comprehensive set of their own well-priced, well-made, EASY stationery!

16 July 2020


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